Craft Room Reincarnation – repost #1


The following post was originally posted on my old blog in September 2013…

Well, I’ve been MIA again…I spent the summer getting my son ready for Japan. He’s been gone foe a month now. I’m missing him so much. So I thought…I need to keep busy. That’s when I decided to get cleaning and reorganizing my craft/scrap room!


I will be doing this step-by-step series showing you how my scrap room is coming along!

So for this first post, I show you my “before” pictures!






I know, I know…holy scrap-hoard Batman! Yes, I’ve amassed quite a lot of “stuff”! If you want to know how this mound of craft goodness came to be, check out my video explaining why I’m such a scrapbooking hoarder/addict!


VIDEO WARNING: This video has been known to make you almost pee your pants! So make sure you have an extra pair available…just sayin’. :)

Now that you have an idea of how I collected all this “stuff”, maybe you can now understand why I can’t seem to find anything! LOL! I end up buying double because I can’t remember the stuff I bought! And I only have a little square craft mat to work on. I need more room! This room NEEDS to be cleaned! So I started by going through my paper pad (mostly DCWV) stacks, and reorganizing them. Just alphabetizing them really.

I then moved on to sorting all my flowers. That was a chore-and-a-half! I took all the flowers out of their packages, and sorted them by color! I don’t think I’ll have to buy any more flowers for a very long time (but you know I will)! I will show you in my next post what I put them in…yes, you have to,wait! :)

So this is my first post in my Scrap/Craft Room Reincarnation series. Please leave me a comment and tell me why you decided to clean your scrap/craft room. Also…are there any storage ideas that really worked for you? I would love to know!

5 thoughts on “Craft Room Reincarnation – repost #1

  1. I loved your video.I am a craft hoarder to an extent but mine is all stuff I hate to see wind up in a landfill. I can use it for something at least one more time before it goes in the garbage. I am good about buying only what I know I will use. I’m on a mission to organize because I’ve come to the realization I will never have an above ground studio. So I must make the most of my ‘dungeon’ as my hubby refers to my room(s) in the basement.
    Thanks for sharing your progress. Creative Blessings

  2. Love the video! I can totally relate! Have managed to stay away from the die machines except for my Slice but don’t get me started on paper or flowers! Michaels, JoAnn’s and Paperwishes are totally kept in business by me. Thanks so much for sharing your fun room. Love the makeover!

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