A Little Bit of Shopping!

So this past week I’ve been travelling with hubby. First we went to Calgary. When we checked in to our hotel, we were suddenly upgraded to a King Loft suite! Whoah! It was so amazing! I’m not really sure why we were upgraded, but….who cares!
This is a picture of our room once we come in the door:
Please excuse the blurry pictures.  They were taken with my iPad Mini….it doesn’t take very clear pictures.
When I walk into the room and turn around, there is a staircase up to the bedroom.  Under the staircase is the bar.
Here we have a large King size bed!  It has a  large flat screen TV to watch from bed.  When I turn around…
…there is a balcony/room that looks down into the atrium.  Nice place to read a book!
And this is the ensuite!  It was such a lovely room!  I’m just sad that we only stayed there one night.  🙁
I did a bit of shopping while in Calgary.  I stopped at Paper Pastimes.  A friend of mine works there.  It’s a great place.  The have an amazing amount of dies and stamps!  They specialize in that.  If you are in Calgary, check them out!
I then went to a place called Fabric Depot.  I am working on a reupholstering project, and I needed some foam.  I could not believe this place when I walked in the door!  It didn’t look like much from the outside, but inside….
They had thousands upon thousands of appliques!  Tons of tassels!  An entire room for zippers!  Rooms full of trims, braids, and ribbon!  Mega amounts of fabric!  They are one of the largest fabric stores in North America!  It’s a fabric heaven!  So if you are ever looking for fabric, trims, appliques, etc….you must check them out.
I also went to Michaels (surprise, surprise).  I am thinking of getting a Fuji Instax camera.  I thought that if I have that when I attend scrap related events, I can just snap a pic and have the person right their name and info on the back.  That way I can keep track of all my new crafty friends!  It’s pricey, though.  I’m still trying to decide.
What do you all think about the Instax Camera?  Do you have one?  Let me know in the comments.

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