And the Week Goes On!

Well, it’s almost the weekend again! Yay! I just received my swap items back yesterday. I participated in a swap with CanadianScrapperGirl on It was an image swap with tags. What beautiful tags I received! And included was a little Thank You gift from CanadianScrapperGirl–a stick pin and shoe charm! I’ll have to do a YouTube video on them tonight so everyone can see how awesome they are! I can’t wait to use them! Sorry, I get so excited over the simplest things.

I crafted with Heidi last night. That was a lot of fun! I continued working on my backpack mini album that I’m auctioning off at the next sorority meeting as I watched Heidi’s creations. I got to meet several new ladies on the chat. Hi Terrie and Angela! We are now officialy (I think) the Gothamettes! We had to think of something. We are such Heidi groupies already! LOL! Now we need some t-shirts! Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. Hopefully I can continue on tonight with my mini. I don’t have a lot of time left to finish it.

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