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At last…an Angry Birds (inspired) tutorial!

Finally, at long last, I have finished the tutorial for my Angry Birds inspired “Grumpy Birds Explosion Box”!  It has taken a very long time.  Hopefully my next tutorials won’t take so long.  Not only is this tutorial now available, but I did a Ustream show that will help you in putting it together!  I’m very excited about this!  Please leave a comment on what you thought of this tutorial.  I try to make my tutorials as simple and as step-by-step as possible, but I’m not perfect.  I might have missed a step here or there.  So let me know.  Enjoy!

Purchase right here through my blog and get the download of the tutorial in a PDF immediately after purchasing. 
(Angry Birds Inspired)
Grumpy Birds Explosion Box Tutorial
$12.00 USD
Sale $10.00 USD
Please note:  This is an automatic download.  Once you purchase through Paypal, you will be taken straight to the file.

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