Circle Journal Adventure (cont’d)

Well, I have been quite ill lately.  For almost 3 weeks now.  I ate some food that wasn’t cooked properly and I got an awful bacteria!  I have never been that sick before!  But I’m so glad I am finally almost back to normal.  I hope that doesn’t happen again. 
Anyway, I thought I would continue showing you pics of the circle journals I did.  This next one had a Party theme.  This was a difficult one to do because I don’t do parties, I don’t go to parties.  But I finally decided to do it on the parties I did for my son when he was little.  So here’s some pics:

I used to do a lot of fun things for my son’s invitations.  He really like military, so a lot of them were based on that.  I also did a movie sleep over and did a concert-style ticket for his invitation.  I also rented a popcorn machine and a hot dog machine.  They loved that!

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