Well, I’m ashamed to say this but…my craft room is in dire need of a total overhaul again!  I have stuff in bags all over the floor!  Lots of my Mom-In-Law’s craft is there now, too!  I don’t even have a space to craft anymore!  So that’s why I’ve decided to take everything out and start over.

So, just to prove the state of the mess, here’s a photo of my room:

Craft Room Before 2018

And just to give you an even better idea, I’ve posted a 360 degree photo on my Facebook page.  Make sure you check it out!  UPDATE:  360 photo didn’t quite work out.  It didn’t show the bottom or the top…just the middle.  This was my very first time doing a 360 photo.  I will take another as soon as I can, and re-post.

Since this is going to take me quite some time before I get this room finished, I thought I would take you (the reader) on my cleaning and purging adventure!

Step One

Clean off my craft room desk.  After all, you need some place to sort everything as you go.  So I just started putting things away.  Even if I was going to take them out of my room and put them in boxes, I still wanted the desk clear.  It might take several hours to completely clear it.  Maybe even a couple of days.  Don’t get discouraged.  Just imagine…you will have a clean desk!  At least til my next post.

Here’s a photo of my desk as I was working on decluttering it:

Desk Before

Are you starting a craft room overhaul?  Let me know in the comments.

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