Welcome to the Cricut SVG Design Summit!

Are you frustrated with trying to design cut file SVGs in Cricut Design Space?

I totally got you boo! In this video, I show you how to make an SVG design for an eye mask using Procreate AND Silhouette Studio. These two are about the only software programs I use to create all my SVGs. They are so user friendly, and Silhouette Studio is just made with the crafter in mind.

I have been using Silhouette Studio for almost 12 years now, and I wouldn’t look back. It just seems to meet all my design needs. It’s just so satisfying to be able to create all the crazy, crafty squirrel-fueled designs that are bouncing around in my head!

Please note: In this class I use Silhouette Studio Business Edition. But it is only a one-time fee. No monthly subscription needed! And hint, hint…It goes on sale a couple of times a year for half price!

And for all my drawing, I LOVE Procreate on the iPad! It is an amazing program, and they are coming out with new features all the time. And it, too, is a one-time fee from the Apple App Store.

So have fun learning all about these two programs as I walk you through my design process.

Happy designing!

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Hey there, I’m Jen!

I live and breathe crafting! I have all my life. And I guess I’m also one of those crafty squirrels that just can’t seem to focus on one type of craft. BUT I do enjoy helping others learn about all the amazing ways they can use their Cricut, and Silhouette cutting machines. So, if that’s something you want to learn about, then you are in the right place!

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