Cropaganza – Part 3!

We had a wonderful breakfast buffet! Yummm!!! Then we took a Butterfly Canvas Album class. It was wonderful! I’ve never worked with canvas before. It was a lot of fun! We made ruffles with canvas, and tore it like crazy! That was awesome! To take out your rage on a piece of canvas! Yeah!!! It turned out so beautiful! Take a look:

We then had a delicious lunch buffet. Then I took a class that was doing an artist, mixed media type journal. Sad to say…I did not enjoy this class. It was just too much outside my box. I just couldn’t work like that. You were told one word things like pencil, ink, pattern, etc. Then given a couple of minutes to do something using that item. I have too hard a time trying to produce something in only a couple of minutes. I almost felt like throwing my journal in the garbage. But I didn’t. I figure one of these days I will attempt to fix those ugly pages, and make them into something more pleasing to the eye. Right now there is only one page I like in it. All the rest are “crap”. And when we were instructed to get up and move to another person’s area and use their stuff…I refused. There was no way somebody I didn’t know was going to use my stuff! Sorry, I’m selfish that way I guess. I don’t mind sharing with a friend…but just letting anyone use my stuff…no way! I ended up leaving the class early. I was just not comfortable in this class. Oh well, can’t win them all right? Here’s the journal, and the page I actually like:

In the evening we changed into our jammies! It was time for “PJs and Tiaras” crop night! Woohoo! Check out two of my gal pals:

We were cropping for a while having a lot of fun…then we realized…where the heck is Maureen? What is taking her so long? Well, this is what was taking her so long:

OMG! Is that really Maureen? Yep! What a crazy gal! When she walked into the room, everyone just roared with laughter. And these are the kind of ladies I hang with….!!! Oh boy!
And here’s a family portrait of me and my gal-pals in our princess-like glory!

As the night went on…a surprise for us all! A candy buffet!!! Yes, scrapbookers are crazy candy and chocolate kind of people I have discovered. Check this out!

Yeah, and nice “jars” Allison! Hahaha!

And here’s some close-up shots using the skills I learned in a past photography class taught by Allison (thanks Allison):

Oh yummy! I love M&Ms! We had such a wonderful evening. And I got my Outhouse done and entered into the Mini Album category. Very productive day!

Sunday I had one more class…I made this!

It is so cute! Learned great new painting techniques. All the classes I took were taught by a wonderful teacher by the name of Donna Downey. Thanks so much Donna! I learned a whole bunch of new skills! Here’s a pic of me with Donna:

And I must thank two wonderful ladies for organizing such an awesome weekend! We can’t wait til the next one! Thank you Allison and Christy! I know there were many other ladies that organized this event, too, and to them I thank you, too!

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