Dealing With Disaster!

Sorry I have been MIA again.  We have been dealing with a little problem in our kitchen.  Our dishwasher decided to leak under our laminate flooring!  OMG!  We tore out (or rather my son tore out) our flooridng until we reached “dry” planks.  As you can see, there really wasn’t much of our dining area that didn’t get flooded either.

So we went looking for flooring last week.  At first we were thinking of going with tile, but a lot of my friends said a big “no”!  It’s hard on the feet, and if you drop anything on it, whatever you dropped would break.  Then we were thinking of vinyl tile, but then we read that it should be grouted because the lines inbetween the tiles can get very dirty.  I didn’t want grout.  It just looks bad when you are trying to clean it.  My countertops are tiles, and I hate them!  I just think of all the germs in that grout….YUCK!  Anyway…maybe one day we can get a new countertop, too.
After going to several flooring stores, I settled on these three:
Vinyl #1
Vinyl #2
Vinyl #3
I posted all three on Facebook to see what my friends thought of them.  Well, most of them liked Vinyl #3.  I don’t think any of them liked Vinyl #1.  To tell you the truth…I was first going to go with Vinyl #1, but then I looked at them in different light throughout the day and evening.  Thank goodness I did that because I ended up going with the one I liked the least.
And the winner is…
Yes, this was the one I liked the least at first.  But after checking it out over the course of a day, I ended up liking it the best!  The one that my friends liked the most….I didn’t like the fact that it was on a diagonal.  So this is it folks!  The flooring company is coming tomorrow to give us an estimate.
Hopefully once we find out when they are installing I can get back to crafting!  I’ve missed it!  

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  1. Oh WOW not fun Hope the installation goes quickly! My water lines to my sink did that recently and now I have to replace the cabinets and since they were custom made (over 30 years ago) I can't just replace the sink, have to redo the whole thing UGH!

  2. So sorry about your water, too! How terrible! We got an estimate, and now we probably have to wait about 2 weeks before the flooring comes in. Not too happy about that. Our fridge is in the living room at the moment. 🙁

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