I just love creating these gnomes! So today, I’m going to teach you how to create a fun Naughty Easter Gnome treat bag! Perfect for Easter chocolates, or jelly beans, or whatever else tickles your fancy.

I wanted to make something different from the other Naughty Gnomes I’ve created before, so I figured the treat bag hasn’t been done yet. How do I do a Naughty Gnome for a treat bag? It took a while to figure it out. I wanted there to be some kind of surprise, so I rigged up the treat bag to have an inside part, and an outside part. How can I do that, you ask? Well, let’s get started!

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Supplies Used:

Step 1 – Printing and cutting your Easter Gnome

To print and cut out your gnome, please refer to the St. Paddy’s Day Gnome Card tutorial.

Step 2 – Gluing

Using some Liquid Glass (or Glossy Accents, or any other liquid glue), glue all your printed pieces onto the white cardstock matching pieces.

Easter naughty gnome glue on printed pieces

Step 3 – Attach adhesive foam

Put adhesive foam (dots or strips) on the arms/chest/basket piece, and the nose.  You can double up the foam if yours isn’t very thick.  Mine was a bit thin, so that is what I did.

Easter naughty gnome put on adhesive foam

Step 4 – Make the sign

Take a skewer stick, and cut a bit off if you need to.  It depends on the size of your treat bag.  Then glue the skewer onto the sign.

easter sign and skewer
glue skewer on easter sign

Step 5 – Put Stickles on the “eggs”

If you wish to, you can color the Gnome’s butt eggs with Stickles.  I always like to add a little sparkle to my projects.  I used a light blue, light green, and a light pink.

put Stickles on the butt eggs

Step 6 – Cut out the beard and mustache

I used some long fur for the beard and mustache.  You could use some yarn, or cardstock if you wanted. 

Trace the beard and mustache strip onto the fur backing. 

trace pattern onto fur fabric

Then cut the fur.

Remember…when cutting fur, you need to cut from the back.  You need to take small snips at a time to cut.  You don’t want to be cutting the fur, you want to be cutting only the back.

Cut the mustache strip in half for the two sides of the mustache.

cut the beard
trace the mustache strip
cut mustache strip in half

To make your mustache pieces look a little smoother, I cut off the corners.

cut off corners of mustache

Step 7 – Gluing the “stash and beard”

Using liquid glue, glue the beard on just below the nose.

put glue on beard

Then glue the mustache pieces on to each side of the nose.  After adhering, you might have to put a bit more glue on to attach the mustache pieces to the cardstock (they might only be attached to the beard fur which doesn’t leave them very stable).

glue on mustache

Step 8 – Attach the nose

I did put adhesive foam on the nose, but I added liquid glue so that it would come off when you lift up the beard.

glue on nose

Step 9 – Attach the tail

Take a piece of a cotton ball and glue it in between and above the butt cheeks.

easter naughty gnome cotton tail

Step 10 – Glue top of head

Put glue on the top area of the head.  This way the gnome can slip into the treat bag with the front of him on the outside of the bag.

easter gnome glue top of head
easter gnome glue top of head closeup

Step 11 – Cut treat bag

Cut two slits in the treat bag about the width of the gnome.  Then fold down that section into the bag.  

Step 12 – Finish treat bag

Now place the gnome over the folded down section of the treat bag.  Fill the bag with your Easter treats!  Now watch as faces light up in surprise as they discover the basket the gnome is holding under his beard, and the eggs butt when they finish the treats on the inside!  

easter naughty gnome behind

Fun, fun, fun!

easter naughty gnome finished

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