Had a Fun Weekend!

Well, this past weekend I was by myself (baching it). My two main men went on a trip with Grandpa to Deadwood! We went last year. It’s a fantastic place, so they took Grandpa (knowing he would fully enjoy it).

Anyway, since I was alone, and could do what I wanted, I took an online craft class. It was put on by Paper Phenomenon (on Ustream). We made a paper bag mini album that looked like a backpack! It was so much fun! I tell ya, that Kathy can really get you rolling in the isles! She is just too funny! I will definately take another class from her. I’m still completing mine because I had to make some adjustments. She did it using her Gypsy to “meld” some of the designs together from her Cricut cartridges, but I don’t have a Gypsy or even the Cricut Design Studio (I’m hoping to get that soon). So it will take me a bit longer to complete. I’ll put up a Youtube video as soon as my mini album is finished so everyone can see what I did. I’ll be auctioning the album off at my first sorority meeting of the year (next month).

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