How to wind down on your vacay to Ontario – part 2

Well, I’ve been out visiting my parents for over a week now.  So fun!  A lot of relaxing went on.  It was a little nasty to go outside.  It was either windy as h*&# out there, or snowing like crazy, or raining on top of the snow.  But we managed one day to go out for a walk.  A 3 km walk to be exact.  Wow!  I haven’t been on that far a walk in a VERY long time!

It wasn’t too cold.  I made sure to wear a scarf over my mouth so I wouldn’t start having an asthma attack (which happens when you breathe in cold air).  We were heading into town from my parents acreage for a little lunch at the one, and only, restaurant in town.  We were going to go the day before, but when we called it said to check their website for hours.  It said that it was open on Friday from 2 to 9, and today (our walking day) was Friday.  When we got to the restaurant….it was closed!


No notice on the door.  In fact, the sign beside the door said that they were open 2 to 9.  Well….I guess that’s a small town for ya.  A bit depressing.  🙁  So we had to turn around and head back…no lunch for us.  I did find a little something to keep those hunger pangs at bay…


Yeah, I know what your thinking…woop-dee-doo!  That would keep my tummy from growling for all of 2 seconds!  Anyway, when we got back to the homestead needless to say…we had some much-needed lunch!

The next day we went to on a shopping day to Kingston.  Along the way we had to take the local ferry.


Brrrrrr….actually, it wasn’t as cold as it looked.  It was about 1 degree celcius.  You can see all the large slabs of ice near the shore.


Menacing looking isn’t it?  Further out in the middle the slabs of ice turned into one large slushy mess.  It was as though we were travelling through was monster-size slurpee!


When we got to Kingston we parked downtown, and shopped all those quaint little shops they have there.  But there were way more eateries, cafes, and restaurants than shops.  In fact, after shopping for a couple of hours we wandered ourselves into one of these cute little cafes and had some lunch.  Hey, shopping gives you quite the appetite!


The lunch was quite yummy.  So was my café latte!  Sooooo good!  And the price of the food was very reasonable.

After we had been “fed” up…we shopped for another couple of hours.  Yes, we are determined shoppers!  Once we had checked out every store downtown, we headed over to Pickers World Market.

My Mom and I saw it advertised on the news the night before.  Unfortunately we got there fairly late.  We only had about half an hour to take a look around.  So we only got to see a small section of this big market.  Oh well, I can check it out again the next time I come out this way.  In that small amount of time, I did manage to find myself a cute little teddy bear to take home.  And those that know me know I love teddy bears.  In fact, I collect them.  I have a very large collection.

So here are my shopping spoils for the day:


We topped the day off by having supper at the Barley Room in Picton.  Wow!  That place was awesome!  Wonderful atmosphere, delicious food!  For supper I had the Cornish Pasty.  Sooooo yummy!  And for dessert…you can’t have supper without dessert…I have Coconut Cream Pie.  Absolutely heavenly!  I didn’t leave any of that on my plate that’s for sure.



The band playing was so amazing.  They were called Northern Voodoo.  If you haven’t heard of them before, you MUST check them out!  In fact, go to their website now…you won’t be disappointed.  I was so impressed, I bought their CD!  They had the entire pub hopping!

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