How to wind down on your vacay to Ontario – part 1

Right now I’m out visiting my parents in Ontario.  That was my Christmas present!  So excited!  The trip out here went just fine.  It was late at night when I got here, but it was warmer than it was at home.  Not that much warmer, though.


The next morning I met a friend at Eatons Centre.  This is a friend I made while on the Crop and Cruise to Hawaii in 2012.  I met so many wonderful friends on that trip.  Anyway, me and Jo-ann met up and had a girls shopping day together!

We came, we shopped, we conquered!  We shopped til we dropped.  And let me tell you….it didn’t take much.  After having a bite to eat we hit the Old Navy store because it said “up to 75% off”!  We spent quite a while in there.  I got a lot of nice shirts!  After that, the rest of the mall went down hill.  We didn’t really see anything else worth buying.  And I thought Eatons Centre was so much bigger than it actually was.  So we decided to hit the underground mall stores.  I saw some real interesting ones on the way to Eatons.

Actually it ended up we only really went into 2 more stores.  All day and we went into 3 stores.  A bit shameful, but that’s what it’s like when you get older.  But I say 2 bags of shopping are better than none!  Yes, say it sister!  LOL!

Now the weather is not co-operating.  Quite windy and rainy.  Good time to catch up on blog work.  I will also be updating my website and editing videos.  I’m hoping to be more present on this blog and post at least every week.  This is my promise to you, my fans.  So I’ll sign out for now.  But hey, I did do a post this week, right?  🙂


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