Ever wanted to create your own planner stickers?

I will be showing you how to make your own stickers the easy way…with a free download! It is really quite easy once you get the hang of it! And at the end of this tutorial I will even share with you some free stickers to try it out for yourself!

It’s now March! Wow! This year is just flying! This time of year has always been my favorite because I go to an amazing Crafting Crop, then it’s my son’s birthday! He is a St. Patty’s baby! So since his birth, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for St. Patty’s Day (and for my son)! So to celebrate, I have designed a fun set of planner stickers for you.

For this tutorial I will be going through doing print and cut using the Silhouette Cameo. We will be using the SVG file. Are you ready?

Supplies Needed for this project:

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For the full video step-by-step, check it out here!

Step 1: Open Design

Now lets start by opening the SVG file. To open the SVG you will need Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or higher. If you don’t have Designer Edition or higher, you can use the .png, or the .dxf file.

So to start our stickers, we want to go up to Open and then we want to find our. SVG file and click OK to open it.

Step 2: Registration Marks

Next we want to make sure we have our registration marks before we start printing out our stickers. So go to the Page Setup Panel and go along the top and find the registration marks icon.

Make sure the registration marks are ON then I always like to bump up the Thickness to 1.

Now that looks pretty good.

Step 3: Print Stickers

Now we want to print our stickers out. So we go up and click the Send To Printer button.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to be printing on printable vinyl, please see my video for extra steps to make sure it prints out correctly.

Step 4: Cutting Stickers

Now after our stickers are printed, you want to put them on a cutting mat. Just make sure that your mat is not super sticky. You don’t want a brand new mat because if your sticker paper is kind of thin, then it will tear the “bejesus” out of your sticker paper. Believe me….I know this from experience (see photo below)!

So let’s just find a mat that is just kind of sticky but not real sticky. After our sticker paper is on the mat, we will put it through the Silhouette Machine to cut.

And for that we want to click on Send,

then go up top and click on Line. We want to be able to cut by line colour. So just make sure the red line colour is checked off.

Then we want to select the material that you’re going to cut on. That would be Sticker Paper White if you have regular sticker paper but since mine is a bit on the thin side I am going to select Washi Sheets as the material.

**You can also use Cricut’s Printable Vinyl to print your stickers on. That way they are more durable.

Now I’m going to click Cut as the action,

then go down Tool and select Auto Blade.

Now before you send it to cut…you want to make sure you have your sticker paper stuck down on the mat and fed into your machine. If you are cutting a thin sticker paper, like I am, you want to use a less sticky mat (not a new one–remember the “fail” photo above?). You can even use some painters tape to stick it in place.

Now you’re ready to cut! So we just click Send.

Yay! You are done your stickers! I’m so proud of you! 🙂



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