I came down with the illness!

Yep, you haven’t heard much from me in several weeks because I got one heck of a nasty cold!  Yes sir, Mr. Nasty Germ paid me a visit.


It started out as a sore throat, then several days of total congestion.  I felt like I’d been run over by a truck!  And that truck didn’t even leave me any scrappy supplies to play with.  🙁
I felt absolutely miserable!  I kept trying to do something in my craft room, but….I just looked at my room, and went back upstairs.  Blah!  After several days of congestion, I was left with a cough, and lots of goo from Mr. Nasty Germ.  He is still hanging on, but I have started feeling like getting things done.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  I was so happy to get a half-decent paper trimmer!  I have been dealing with frayed paper edges far too long.  Now I have nice clean edges on my paper!  Woohoo!

Another gift I got was to go and see my parents for a couple of weeks.  Big Woohoo!  I’m so excited!  I leave very soon.  So the posts might be a bit sporadic this month.  But I am planning a lot more interaction with you–my fans–in the coming months/year.  I have been working on a blog plan.  I am going to really try to be consistent this year.  That is one of my resolutions I made to myself.  I have a lot of ideas planned.  So….


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