It’s Halloween Night!

Well, it’s Halloween and all the spooky little goblins are out tonight! My hubby handed candy out this year (put a mark on the wall). I got to work on bookkeeping! Oh, the joy of it all. My son was out trick-or-treating with a girl friend (not girlfriend–not yet, he’s my baby!). He had a lot of fun. My hubby and I went to my sorority Halloween party last night. It was the first costume party we have been to since…..since…hmmmmm…high school??? Anyway, hopefully I can get a hold of some pics to put up soon. We had a great time! We did a mummy wrap for our activity/contest. It was so funny watching them! They had to get into groups and pick someone to wrap. The first team to wrap their person completely, won. I was dressed up as a witch, and my husband was dressed as a fairy!

It looks as though November is going to be a somewhat busy month. Lots of great things going on. I will be taking a road trip to Helena soon with a sorority sister. We are going to have so much fun shopping! All I can say is…scrapbooking stores!!! Yippee!!! I’ll also be visiting a friend of mine this week. Hi Joanne! Then I have a Women In Business retreat to go to. My son will be singing and playing guitar in another concert coming up in a week. Also, I’ll be going to see a play with a bunch of my sorority sisters! That’s always a lot of fun. We’ll be gathering to have dinner before the show, too. Then at the end of the month….Scrapbooking Retreat!!! Yes, you heard right! Three awesome days of doing nothing but scrapbooking! Is that heaven or what! Can’t wait!

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