It’s Mid-Week Again!

Well, my garage sale didn’t exactly go as planned. We had quite a bit of rain Friday. Saturday was a bit cool with a bit of rain occassionally. Lots of people showed up, but not many sales. I’m going to have one more in a few weeks to see if I can clear some more stuff out. But this time it will have to be in my driveway instead of the neighbors garage. She wanted her garage back. So…

I’m still not doing too badly selling on Facebook. So I will keep doing that. I’m just anxious to get my craft room back! I just need to get rid of a bunch of aquarium supplies then I will have room to put my craft table back up. I really want to get back to crafting! But first things first…I need to finish my clients books before doing that. Hopefully I will get that out of the way quickly seeing my son and hubby will be leaving on holiday for a week. Some peace and quiet, and hopefully some craft time!

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