Lots of Prima Goodies!

I got a chance at Prima Art Venture Edmonton to purchase a Warehouse Box. For $85 (CDN) you got a box full of Prima goodness! Well, I just had to go for it. No telling what was in there, but I was willing to take a chance!

Let me tell you…I wasn’t disappointed. Even though it wasn’t new stuff, it was stuff I didn’t have or have never seen before! YES!!! It was all totally drool-worthy. If you don’t believe me, check out this video of the unboxing…


Then, of course, there was the goody bag that they presented us for signing up for Art Venture…Wow!  Lots of awesomeness in there!  This goody bag was fairly new product which was nice.  If you aren’t done drooling yet over the warehouse box video, you are going to want to grab a mop!  You’re going to need it when you watch this unbagging of the Prima Art Venture goody bag!


So there you have it!  Some drool-worthy goodies for your viewing pleasure!  Hope you enjoyed watching.  

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