Lynne’s Circle Journal

Lynne did her Circle Journal on “Why you love where you live”!  I really love where I live right now, so this one was quite easy.

I love my home.  It is everything I wanted in a home…vaulted ceilings, a large foyer, a fireplace, laminate flooring.  My doggie even loves our home!  LOL!

I love my friends where I live!  Ever since I moved here, I have made many new and wonderful friends!  I am so thankful for them!  Some are scrapbooking friends, some are sorority sisters, some are neighbors, etc.

I love where I work!  I have a great boss, and I work with his wife.  She’s a wonderful person, too.  I feel like part of a family there.  It’s just the icing on the cake when you enjoy where you work!

And of course…my family.  I love my family, and whereever we end up I know I will love it there because they are with me!  What a wonderful theme for a circle journal, Lynne!  I really enjoyed this one!  And I hope you all enjoyed seeing this one.

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