My New Years Vacation! (Part One)

Finally….I’m posting how my trip went to the USA over New Years.  We left on Boxing Day, headed to Las Vegas.  Yep, we drove all the way from Alberta, Canada!  It’s just too expensive to fly 3 of us down there.  And besides….then you have to pack all your purchases back with you on the plane.  Much easier when you can load up a car!

On the way to Vegas, I got to meet Scrappin Madge!  We have know each other for a while now, but just online.  We finally got to meet in person!  She’s such a great gal!  We met across from where they filmed a lot of the original Footloose movie!  Actually they filmed most of Footloose in the town of Lehi, Utah.  I had no idea!  That was one of my favorite childhood movies!  Exciting!

When we got to Vegas, we got front row tickets to see the magic and comedy of Adam London!  It was really good!  He was very funny, and did some magic tricks with cards here and there.  It was fantastic!  If you get a chance to see one of his shows, definitely do!

We had a few meals at our favorite restaurant…Steak and Shake.  It’s in the South Point Hotel.  They have the best burgers ever!  Even better than In n Out!  Really!  And the price is so cheap!  Super yummy shakes, too, in all kinds of flavors!
On New Years Eve my son and I went to see Olivia Newton John.  She was wonderful!  My son thought it was pretty good.  He said, “At least she can sing”!  I absolutely LOVED her show!  She sang a great range of songs….from her country songs at the very beginning of her career, to the now.  Lots of songs from Xanadu, and Grease, of course.  There were even a couple of Grease sing-a-longs!  I knew ALL her songs!  I’m a big fan of hers!  Sorry about this photo, though.  Tried to get one of her….ended up getting people’s heads.  🙁
After seeing the concert, we went to join all the crazy-drunk people out on the Strip!  We actually got a decent place to stand.  We were against the fence along the street.  A good place to be if you don’t want to get trampled after the countdown.  It was quite a cold night to be outside, but still fun!
Even picked up some homeless man along the side of the road!  Just kidding!  It was my husband.  LOL!  He’s so silly!
I must add that if you are looking for a super delicious place for breakfast while in Vegas, make sure you check out Du-Par’s in the Golden Gate downtown!  Just as long as you are not allergic to milk.  They make the best ever pancakes, and french toast!  Along with a freshly squeezed in front of you glass of orange juice!  Du-Par’s is also known for having the best shrimp cocktail.  So don’t miss eating there!
And before we left Vegas, I had to visit The Crafting Place.  A friend of mine works there, and they have decent prices!  A place you must visit if you are a scrapbooker!  I bought a couple of things…
Well, that’s it for the Vegas portion of your New Years vacation.  We then headed to Los Angeles, California!  
(To be continued…)

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  1. OH WOW looks like a great time I visited Vegas once for about 24 Hours when i was in the Air Force Reserves About 40 years ago. Had a great time, no sleep just GO Go Go but I was young then LOL

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