On my recent vacation to the East Coast (Nova Scotia and PEI), my hubby found me an amazing new craft to do!  I took a delightful class at Seaglassing in Prince Edward Island!

Upon arriving I was greeted by a nice man named Guy, oh…and some cute little barkers.  Three dogs came running out of one of the rooms to greet me!  Well, not quite.  Those little dogs barked and barked at me, but were sure to keep just out of arms reach.  LOL!

A wonderful lady came in, and introduced herself as Cindy.  She promptly gave me a interesting history on Sea Glass while her husband (Guy) made us a coffee.  She had so many samples of Sea Glass dating back to, I believe, the 1600s!  She also had some petrified wood that I really thought were rocks.  She also showed me some cow and shark teeth, too!  Wow!  I really must keep my eye out when I go to beaches now.  Such interesting treasures!

While there I made two beautiful Sea Glass pendants!

The owner/teacher said that I did very well…especially for a beginner! I found it quite fun! In fact, I had so much fun I have a new hobby now! I’ve been researching other wire wrapping technique online classes to take to give me some more options. I love to make things that are unusual, so the more techniques I know the more creative I can get with it.

Boy, my brain has been going all over the place thinking of unique ways of making wire jewelry. Yeah, as if I don’t have enough crafts to keep me busy…I have to add another one.

Well, hopefully I will be able to share some more of my creations with you soon. Are there any crafts that interest you that you want to try? I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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