Want to learn how to turn Photos into SVGs?

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Does this sound like you?

If you answered YES to any of these, then the “Photos To SVGs: A Crafter’s Guide (Silhouette Edition)” can totally help you with this!

With this step-by-step guide, you can become confident in converting Photos To SVGs in many different ways!

What’s Included?

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Jenny has taken the guesswork out of the most asked question in crafting, How can I turn this picture into an SVG?! Not only does she walk you through several different options but I absolutely loved her project ideas to turn those photo SVGs into a keepsake. Thank you so much Jenny.

Maggie K.
I’ve seen posts about converting photos to SVGs before, but it seemed complicated and I’d never bothered.
I decided to give it a try after finding Jen’s book, using only my iPhone, and my very first attempt was successful in just a few minutes!! I think I could make many different types of photos look good with the different programs, adjustments, and filters the book walked me through. The projects at the end were just a bonus; the info on how to convert the photos to cut files was awesome.

Emily M.
I’m super crafty, so I’ve been wanting to make special photo gifts with my Cricut. But turning the photos into SVG files I can work with has been a struggle until I got Jennifer’s book. This book makes the process SO easy! Now I can create all of the personalized gifts I’ve been wanting to create but wasn’t sure how. Thanks, Jennifer!

Amy R.
When I have an idea for something, it drives me nuts if I have to sit and sift through tons of information on how to do it. That’s why Jennifer’s book is a workaround I’m thrilled to have available. She did all the work of testing and trying and going through the different techniques for me. With a star rating system, quick start resources, and a step-by-step walkthrough of different options, I’m able to skip the messy middle and move right to creating memorable, custom projects that will be keepsakes in my family. And I love that she gives different options for desktop or smart device; I know not everyone has the same systems. This is a great, easy to digest, valuable resource on how to turn photos into SVG’s for crafters, and well worth the cost for the time it saves me. Thanks, Jennifer!

Jen S.
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Hi, I’m Jen!  I’ve been crafting for most of my life, which is…well…let’s just say over 40 years!

I love to teach others how to do all kinds of crafts.  When I see others struggling, I feel the need to find a way to help them.  Even if I’m not quite familiar with a craft or technique, I research, practice, and test to figure it out.

I have been seeing a lot of questions online lately asking for help converting photos to SVGs.  It seems there’s a lot of frustration trying to figure out how to do the actual process.  So, this is the reason I created this book.

If you have been longing to conquer this photo-to-SVG thing, then I know “Photos To SVGs:  A Crafter’s Guide (Silhouette Edition)” will have you brimming with confidence the next time you want to make a memorial gift for someone!


In this ebook, you’ll learn:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for Cricut users, too?

This book is for Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, Designer Edition +, and Business Edition users, but another ebook for Cricut users is coming out shortly.

How soon will I receive the ebook and files after purchasing?

You will receive the Photos To SVGs:  A Crafter’s Guide (Silhouette Edition) ebook, reviews & tutorial files, and a recommend supplies link right after checkout.  An email will be sent to you following your purchase.  Please allow 5 minutes for the email to get to you.  You will need to unzip the files before using them.

Is this a book?

This is a digital book full of tips, tricks, reviews, and tutorials to help guide you through the process of converting photos to SVGs.  It also includes all the files you will need to follow along.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30 day happiness guarantee.

What’s included in my purchase?

Your purchase will include the ebook “Photos To SVGs:  A Crafter’s Guide (Silhouette Edition)”; all the files you will need for the reviews, and tutorials; and a link to all the recommended supplies.




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