Scrapbook Carnival 2010 – Day 2

Well, it’s Day 2! Another awesome day! I worked on my layout because I had to hand it in today for the contest. I didn’t have a class until after lunch. Boy, my layout turned out pretty nice, if I might say so myself! I even met a new friend! Her name is Teresa! Hi Teresa!


I did some more shopping today before my class, seeing it was the second and last day of the Carnival. Got some more delicious goodies to show you all!


My first class today was doing a 2-page layout using a few different papers and making accordian flowers. It turned out really pretty! I’ll drop a pic in here as soon as I unpack that layout from my bag. We even got to do an extra layout–well half got to do it. We ran out of time. What a wonderful class! It was put on by the always lovely Leica Forrest! She’s an awesome teacher!

The second class was put on by Christy Riopel! She is such an awesome and fun person! The class was on designing a scrapbook page. The 5 secrets to creating amazing layouts. And let me tell you…this class WAS amazing! She knows so much about design. It taught me a lot! ¬†After she did a powerpoint presentation of her 5 secrets, we got to pick from the scrapbooking buffet at the back of the class some wonderful papers, letters, and embellies to go with our pics that we brought. We then put those secrets to work and created our pages. I just love the one I did! I’m so proud of myself! I’ll get a pic up here of that, too, as soon as I finish unpacking!

And as if this day couldn’t get any better….I didn’t win a prize at the layout contest, but….they are going to publish my layout in the Spring 2011 issue of Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!!!! OMG!!! I’m so excited! I can’t believe it! I was so oblivious. I asked where I could pick up my layout, and the owner of the mag grabbed it and said that I couldn’t have it. I had to write on the back the list of supplies I used to make it, and my mailing address. After I did that I asked if I won a prize. Katharina said “You don’t know?”. I said “no”. She told me I was being published. I almost fell on the ground with excitement! She probably thought I was a little coo-coo. This just made my whole weekend! I’m on cloud 9 now! Yippee!!! ¬†Thanks Katharina!

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