Scrapbook Carnival Excitement 2016!

Another year, another amazing Carnival!  A couple of months ago I attended the Creative Scrapbooker Scrapbook Carnival in conjunction with Creative Stitches & Crafting Alive.  If you’ve never been to one, I say….why the heck not?!  It’s a show chock full of wonderful, crafty inspiration!

If you aren’t much of a scrapbooker, that’s ok…the Creative Stitches part of it has everything else crafty such as sewing, quilting, knitting, etc.  There is something for every crafter!  If you are any kind of crafter, you would have an amazing time!


I had been waiting to attend this all summer!  This summer had been a particularly tough one.  It started out great with my son graduating, but soon went downhill.  My Father In Law was found to have a brain tumor, my Mother In Law’s dementia got considerably worse, and a very dear scrappy friend of mine passed away suddenly.  I really NEEDED this weekend.

Day 1

I was getting ready the first morning of the first day.  I went to do my hair.  Grabbed my ceramic hair straightener to do my bangs.  As I lifted it up to my bangs, my foot accidentally stepped on the cord.  My hand slid all the way up the barrel of the straightening iron.  Crap on a frickin’ cracker!!!  (Well, I actually said something a little more offensive than that…).  Way to go!  I was going to have lots of time to get ready and get there, but now…not so much.

I ran cold water on it for a while then grabbed a cloth to wrap around it.  I had to get to the carnival.  I guess I won’t be able to get my total costume together now.  Oh well.  Now I have to go and find a drug store for some aloe vera lotion.  I also still have to get breakfast on the way.

Went to one drug store, closed.  So I had to trod through Walmart.  Ok, medicinals bought.  Now to find a drive through Tim Hortons.  Really?  I went to four of them and they were all walk in only.  So I ran in, with my hand wrapped up.  Looked a little ridiculous I must say.  I finally arrived at the Carnival 2 hours late.  Well, better late than never, right?

I was so incredibly happy to get a more-than-ever needed hug by Cathie Allen at the entrance.  She told me to come see her later at the booth, she has some special cream for me to use on my burn.  I was seated in the crop area by the lovely Jackie Ludlage and her Mom.  Seeing Katharina Doyle, too…all the Creative Scrapbooker ladies are simply wonderful!  It’s just like being with family!


I must thank the amazingly talented Cathie Allen (the Stamp Queen).  Her cream fixed my burnt hand!  I can’t believe it!  Whatever was in it sure did the trick!  By the next day I was back to (almost) normal!  Well…as normal as I can be anyway.  😉

Anyway, thank goodness I didn’t have any classes that first day.  I basically spent the day relaxing, and chatting with my scrappy friends that I haven’t seen in a while.  My throat was sore by the end of the day with all the blabbing I did!

Day 1:  Etsy In the Evening

After the Carnival was closed for the day (5 pm), me and a few friends went to check out the Etsy Calgary craft show.  There were a LOT of people there!


There were a lot of booths, too!  But I just didn’t see anyone actually buying anything.  There were a few purchases….lots of activity through the booths, but I just can’t see how they made much money.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I need to go to a few more Etsy events to give a more informed opinion.  But this first one…not all that good.


Well, at least that filled up my evening for a bit.

Day 2

I took two classes today.  The first was with the totally awesome, and talented Nicole Wright!

butterflycanvas1 butterflycanvas2

I love how it turned out!  We used the new Tim Holtz crayons!  They are quite easy to smudge, but I’m just thinking you might use them up awfully quickly.  Besides that, though, I do like them.

We also did stencilling with water on top of the smudged crayon.  I love the way it looks!  Thank you so much, Nicole!  Tim Holtz might be the “King” of grunge, but Nicole is the “Queen” of grunge!

The next class was a Technique Taster with Cathie Allen and Kelly Klapstein.  I hadn’t taken a class from Cathie for quite a while….now I’m thinking…why the heck not!?  She is definitely the “Queen” of stamping!  I loved how easy it was!  We did two tags using only stamps and ink.  Oh…and a stencil.

cathieallentags1 cathieallentags2

Aren’t they beautiful?  For the blue one we used Top Boss Embossing Ink Pad to get the whiteish-looking leaves on the background.  Let me tell you…you NEED that Top Boss!

The next part of the class was taught by the lovely Kelly Klapstein.  She is just amazingly talented at brush lettering!  I tried and tried, but I don’t really think this is for me.

I just can’t seem to get the hang of the pressure of my hand while I’m doing the letters, ’cause I have a VERY heavy hand.  I think I prefer to use my calligraphy pens.  They are easier to control.  But maybe I’ll try a few more times before I completely abandon it….because….I WON a lettering kit!  How awesome is that?

Day 2:  After the Classes

After the classes it was donut party time!  Yum!  Love donuts!  Love them so much….I had to have THREE!  Oops!  How did that happen???  Jackie (the co-founder of Creative Scrapbooker), and her parents were the co-hosts of the donut table.  Such gracious hosts they were!  🙂


At the end of the second day, I decided to take a look around at all the booths.  Didn’t really find much.  I have so much scrapbooking stuff already…nothing was catching my eye.  Well, almost nothing.  I found a cute coin purse kit to put together, a pink measuring tape, and a couple bags of trims.  Happy, happy!


After the shopping, and everything else over the last two days, I was exhausted and ready to go home.  Oh…I almost forgot!  I was going to show you my costume.  Every year there is a theme for the Scrapbook Carnival.  This years theme was Superheroes!  I was going to be Wonder Woman until I noticed that at the other carnivals across Canada…there were a LOT of Wonder Women.  So the movie Suicide Squad popped into my head.  I then came up with the Scrapbook Squad.  My name would be Addy Hesive.  Love how my t-shirt worked out!  What do you think?


And to top it all off…I made some signs to advertise my “super powers”!  Hee hee…LOL!!!


I had so much fun that weekend….THANK YOU CREATIVE SCRAPBOOKER!!!

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