Wow! It’s been a long time…I’ve been neglecting my blog! I am going to be going to Crop-a-ganza in Red Deer in 2 weeks! There are four of us going. I’m getting so excited! There is going to be a PJs and tiaras crop party during one of the evenings, so we are going to get actual tiaras, and wear pink boas so we stand out! LOL! I’m also taking a couple of entries with me for the contest. I have a layout, and a mixed media project. The mixed media one is going to be awesome! Or so I hope…I haven’t finished it yet.
And I got an unbelievable surprise…I found out my Angry Birds Explosion Box video has now had over 16,800 views!!! I’m so amazed! I should have made kits–I could have sold a bunch!

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