How to wind down on your vacay to Ontario – finale

Well, vacation is over now.  I had such a wonderful time!  I can’t wait until I can go out there again.  I really enjoyed the rest.  I really needed the rest.  I feel so energized now!  Wait a minute….maybe I shouldn’t go that far, but I do have a bit more energy.

So, my last few days at the homestead were spent mostly indoors.  It was quite nasty outside with all that white stuff falling.  The wind thought it would chime in, too.  I hate wind!

I spent the next few days in my nice warm PJs watching movies.  I caught up on season 2 of Downton Abbey, and watched the first four discs of NYPD Blue!  I loved that show!  I wish it was on Netflix so I could continue watching it.

My Mom made us a turkey supper one of the nights.  Sooooo yum!  She must have made one heck of a large turkey at Christmas because there were sure enough leftovers to make us a nice meal.



A few days later it turned sunny for the day.  It was bitter cold, though.  Brrrrrrr!  But since it was sunny, we went for a little road trip to Bloomfield.  There was really only one store that was open.  It was a lovely little store called Green Gables.  What a delightful place!  There was so much to look at!


We stopped part way through to go for lunch.  We went to Agrarian.  I ordered a supper yummy grilled cheese with mushroom soup.




After a delicious lunch, we finished our perusal of Green Gables then went home.

While I was still at my parents, I worked on my skills at bra-making.  I’ve never made a bra before, but I sure needed to learn.  I have always had trouble finding a bra that fits me.  I have very narrow shoulders.  My bra straps are always falling off.  So, I finally decided to take a Craftsy class ( to learn how to make myself a bra.

If you’ve never taken a Craftsy class, you definitely must!  The classes are so professionally done, and the instructors are so knowledgeable.  The sewing went fairly well.  If you count having to seam rip it out 2 or 3 times each step as fairly.  But that goes along with learning, right?  Well, I got three quarters of it done before the top thread kept breaking on my Mom’s machine.  So I will finish the rest of it at home.


I will post a picture of my bra once I finish.  I’m quite proud of myself so far.

Before I sign off on this holiday post, I need to post a random pic.  Here it is:


Yes, it’s a package of 4 bags of milk!  Yes, I said milk!  People in Ontario buy bagged milk.  Strange.  But I do prefer that to buying jugs of milk.  The bags pour nicely and don’t get crusty like the jugs get around the opening.

Well, that was my vacation folks!  Hope you enjoyed catching up with me, and my adventures.



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