What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #295

Well, here’s another installment of What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Yet more stuff to put away!  Sheesh!  Some CTMH cardstock–I needed to better cardstock than kraft cardstock for my tree ornaments I’m making for my sorority convention.  I have to put away the papercutting heart I made for this month’s Create Craft Share Youtube hop.  I bought a box I’m going to alter for an upcoming retreat.  Also, a few bits of memorabilia from our Christmas vacation to put away.  Well, there you have it!  My messy desk for today!

Check back next week to see what is going on…on my desk!  Also, please check out all the other ladies that have posted their workdesk pictures at Stamping Ground’s WOYWW #295.  There are a lot of creatively messy desks out there!  And if you like my posting today….leave me a comment.  I would love to hear from you!

Lisca Meijer
Submitted on 2015/02/02 at 6:18 am

Shopping bags with goodies! Don’t we love those.
Theres lots going on on your desk and I’m looking forward to seeing your altered box.
Well, the weather here in Spain has been awful. We’ve had terrible gales with the inevitable intermittent power outs for several days (we live out in the sticks) and of course no internet…. Not able to do any visits, just trying to catch up now.
Have a good week,
Submitted on 2015/01/31 at 3:15 pm
Lots going on there… Fun!
Thanks for sharing
Catiecuddles #71
Eliza Harms
Submitted on 2015/01/30 at 4:38 am
Your desk doesn’t look messy it looks like you have been shopping and getting retail therapy, now you need to share what is in the bag not keep it a secret from us.  Thanks for visiting already and leaving a lovely comment.
Hugs Eliza & Yoda 45
Belated WOYWW greetings

Submitted on 2015/01/30 at 4:19 am

I say you got it together. You can still see your desk. My desk was lost under my piles LOL. B

Submitted on 2015/01/29 at 9:51 am

Great Post… and I just LOVE seeing your desk covered with SHOPPING BAGS!! Ha! Ha!… and you Bought a box for the retreat… REALLY… I have a one entire storage place FULL Of boxes and jars and unique containers that I keep buy at the 2nd-Hand store and never use… I could have sent you 10 of them!! Big Giant Smile… So glad you decided to join up… it’s fun isn’t it?! (See you in a WEEEEEK!) (hugs)  PS and YES You should do a photo Room Tour!!!

Submitted on 2015/01/28 at 7:38 pm

I’m liking what I see.  You should do a room tour.  :-)  I see all kinds of treasures in the background.  :-)  April #67

Submitted on 2015/01/28 at 4:25 pm

As you no doubt saw on my desk I have a lot of putting away to do.  Struggling with where to put it – maybe tomorrow I should attack the room.  Glad you are not in the same predicament and good luck with the cards.
Envious of those stamp pads.
Hugs, Neet 1 (with a very sore finger preventing her typing properly)

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