What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday? #363

Well, I’m kinda cheating on the Workdesk Wednesday….this is a picture of my desk last week.  I was too busy doing things related to our new condo we are buying to post last week.  So this week I’m posting.  Actually I’m back and forth to and from the new condo for the next couple of weeks, so this will have to do…


I have one bloody heck of a disaster of a craft room on my hands right now!  I was scrapping every weekend during April, so I just threw all my crafty luggage back in my craft room.  I have not yet had a chance to put anything away.  Makes me feel a little depressed, and overwhelmed.  Where the heck am I going to put all this stuff?  Yikes!  I want to start over!  I want to clean everything out of my room, get it into piles, and put it back.  I’m sure there is stuff in there that I’m never going to use, along with things I never knew I had!  I tried re-organizing before, but always gave up part way through.  So I’m going to try, try again.

Anyway, on my desk right now is my basket of scraps.  I DO like the way I have these organized.  I’ve been taking them to the crops all through April.  It is so handy!  Whatever I’ve been working on…I’ve just used scraps!  At least mostly.  If I needed a full sheet, then I would go home and get a full sheet.  This is a great way to force yourself to use up your scraps!  And the zipper bags I have for them are wonderful!  Too bad I couldn’t get my hands on some more.  I have each bag by color.  So the patterned paper, and solid cardstock are together in one bag for each color.  I love this!  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner!

That’s all that’s really on my desk at the moment…besides some stuff that needs putting away.  If you want to see some more workdesks, just head on over to the Stamping Ground!  There are so many wonderful, artsy desks to look at…


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  1. Sounds an exciting time. It’s great to be able to have everything in one place ready to go. Hope you have time to craft soon.

    Sharon K #45

  2. I’ve been doing this for sometime … all large pieces in a large ziploc baggie and small pieces in a small ziploc baggie inside the large one. All labelled

    Cream blue green yellow red pink purple orange grey black white multicoloured

    Now I need to force myself to use it

    Wendy 🙂

  3. WOW! I am so very impressed. I love the idea that all your scraps are in those neat and tidy bags – even to the point of large and small!!! Take heart, if you can do it with scraps…. just think what you can do with all the smart new, big, small… paper, stamps, dies, diecuts…. paints, pens, pencils…. what else I wonder is hiding behind curtains and in boxes. You’ll get there.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  4. Well done on using up your scraps, that must be very satisfying! Good luck with the condo buying, hope everything goes smoothly ????
    Hugs, LLJ xx

    1. THanks! I love the way I have my scraps organized now. I just wish everything else in my craft room was organized so well.

  5. Hello Jennifer!! So nice to see you here again and your post made me LAUGH… ‘cuz I could so hear you saying just that in my head. Great Scrap organization and Yes, I love how it gives you inspiration AND make you USE your stuff. Good Luck on the re-org… it’s a BIG Job, but if you complete the process it is SOOOO Worth it! Scrapbook Lynne Mizera WOYWW#13

    1. Yeah, I’m not really liking the idea of re-organizing my room again. But I guess it has to be done if I want to keep track of what I have.

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