What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday? #382

I’m a bit behind on my desk reveals….this is from last week…


I was heading to a Scrapbook Carnival in a couple of days.  The theme for this year was “Super Heros”.  I was going to be Wonder Woman until I saw photos of some of the previous carnivals this year.  Everyone was Wonder Woman!  Sheesh!  So after creatively thinking for a while…I thought about the recent movie “Suicide Squad”.  I decided to be part of the “Scrapbook Squad”. I chose the name Addy Hesive.  I’ll discuss her super powers in a later post…

The back of the t-shirt…


The front of the t-shirt…


I made a few super hero signs, too.  I will be revealing those in a post about the Carnival very soon.  I just wanted to let you know that I am slowly doing some crafty things to get me out of the funk of the summer.  I hope to keep creating more.

Enjoy all the other talented ladies and their workdesks today…at the Stamping Ground!



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  1. Now that’s a cute idea! Wonder Woman is such a great super hero but like you said, everyone does her.
    Don’t forget to put some washi tape, bling or pin some papers to your shirt! Have a great time.
    Chris #27

    1. I tied some ribbons and lace to some hair elastics. I also had some kooky super hero signs made. Keep checking my posts…I’ll be doing a post showing my costume soon!

    1. Thanks (giggle)! I will be doing a post shortly, showing my costume and telling you all about the carnival. So glad you were able to comment.

  2. You can’t see my desk right now! LOL! I just finished a big asssignment for Anna’s HSN shows tomorrow and I really have to go clean it up before starting anything else! LOL! Yours is so neat and tidy, and that is a great shirt!

    1. Hey…you haven’t seen my real craft desk! It’s an ongoing disaster! This was a computer desk in my inlaws basement. Thanks (about the shirt)!

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