What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday? #384

Well…its been a rough week or so.  Dad (In Law) took a tumble while walking back from a grocery store.  He thought he was a spring chicken still, so he walked three very long blocks using only his cane (he has a walker).  He made it there, but tripped on a curb on the way back.  Someone called the ambulance.  Thank goodness he knew he lived at the assisted living home, or he would have been transported back to the hospital he hates so much.  He smashed his face up real good!  He looked like he went five rounds with a prize boxer!  Broke his glasses, too.  He’s just lucky he didn’t hit right where the tumor was, or he wouldn’t be alive right now.  My hubby sure gave him a talking to.  Boy, is it ever hard, and stressful, taking care of parents.

Both Inlaws came over for Thanksgiving which was nice.  So I hope this week goes a bit better.


Anyway…I’m working on video editing right now.  I’m trying to get my video done so I can show crafters how to do freezer paper stencils to use on t-shirts!  Wow, does it ever take time to edit!  I think it’s in large part because I’m such a perfectionist, and I want my video to look a certain way.  Why do I always need to make things so complicated?  Well…that’s me!  Can’t help myself.  Hopefully I can finish it off tomorrow.  I also have another post to make on my recent scrapbook carnival I went to.  Better get to it!

I love this Workdesk group!  So please check out their desks, too!  It all starts at the Stamping Ground.

Thanks for checking out my desk today!


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  1. Happy WOYWW. I do worry about the coming years. My parents (who live separately) are in their 70s now, and both live a long way from me (and my other sisters are not particularly close either). I cannot drive far now, so feel a bit useless. In the past when my mum needed care (she had a serious road accident and then breast cancer), I was living within 2 hours drive and could go several times per week. Oh well, that is life. Stressful !

    Crafting is such a good distraction from life in general.

    Videos – I have got so many that need editing. One day!

    Ali x #10

  2. Hi Jen, hope your Dad in Law is feeling better, and it’s good that he’s in an assisted living place. Someone always to watch out for him. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #6 xxx

  3. Sorry your fil took a spill. Good luck editing your video. It’s what puts me off from creating them in the first place. Happy Wednesday! LisaDV #26

  4. Good luck with the video. Sounds like an interesting technique. Sorry to hear about your Father-in-Law. Hopefully he isn’t in too much pain.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #30

  5. I can’t help it, I loathe having to do more than type or read on a computer; I am too lazy to learn more! i truly hope your father in law makes a rapid recovery and seriously, I couldn’t agree more about the stress of looking after parents. My wonderful father died unexpectedly in August and believe me, I would still rather be battling with him over his believing he could still do it all without help!

  6. Sounds like you’ve had a rough week. I hope everything gets better and the parents stay well and out of trouble. 🙂 Good luck editing your video.
    April #25

  7. Sorry to hear about your Dad! I am the one my daughter has to worry about and now that she has moved to California I worry that she is worrying too much about me. Hope he is better soon! Have fun with editing! Vickie #2

  8. Hi there,
    Is your computer the only thing on your desk? I’m guessing it is 🙂 Wish my workplace was that tidy! I really do! Good luck with the video. ( I have no idea how that is done.)
    Have a good week.

  9. OHMY…. video-editing…. I shot a video for my Jessica Sporn Design Team assignment and my beloved helped editing (he’s the expert on that, I still have to learn a lot.) It took ages as we both are perfectionists too… however, it goes online today. I’m not fully satisfied but it’s ok for a first timer…. I wish you good luck with editing yours! Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland, Marit #15

  10. I understand the angst with both elder parents and video-editing….lol. Will be great to see your video! BL

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