Where For Art Thou Mojo?

Wow!  I’ve been off the grid for quite a while.  Ever since summer started I haven’t had any energy or any will to craft.  Why is that?  Hmmm…I wish I knew!  I’ve gone into my craft room so many times, and then just turned around and walked out.  What is going on?

Has this ever happened to you?  I’m thinking there is something wrong with me.  Why don’t I want to craft?  Please, oh please come back crafty mojo.  Has my craftyness left me?  Will I be able to craft again?  That is what has been going through my mind.  It has been worrying me.  I’ve always loved to craft.  I’ve always loved to create.  Why don’t I want to now?  Do I need a break?  Am I just in a slump?

I had a much-needed phone call with a friend about this.  I really needed that talk.  She invited me to her house for four days.  It was some “play” time.  A do-whatever-you-want kind of time.  She is a crafter, too.  She actually has more craft stuff than I do…and that is saying a lot!  So I headed to her place for my creative holiday.

I didn’t really do much of anything at first.  I just wasn’t in to it.  Instead we enjoyed a wonderful dinner out at the Golf Course.  I even brought my new little mascot with me to meet my friend’s mascot.  So without further ado, I introduce to you Piggy along with my new mascot Zeb the zebra!  🙂

Aren’t they a cute couple?  Anyway, the second day I decided to try doing Zendangles.  Yes, that’s Zendangles, not Zentangles.  I ordered myself a book on it, and it arrived just before I went on my holiday.  So I took the book with me.  I have always enjoyed doing lettering.  Not that I have done any in a very long time.  But I took Calligraphy back in junior high school, and really loved it.  My teacher was surprised because he didn’t understand how a left-hander could use the Calligraphy pen properly.  Well, I didn’t seem to have a problem.  In later years I made a few nice cards with Calligraphy writing on it, and some fancy flourishes and flowers.  I liked how they turned out.  I’ve always wanted to do lettering again.  So this was my chance.

I opened the Zendangles book…

…just started drawing (on a practice piece of paper, of course).  I was enjoying it!  I was loving how it was turning out.  I loved it even more when I added color to it!  Wow!  I’m actually liking this Zendangle thing!  Yes, has my mojo come back?  Maybe…

That evening we (along with our eager mascots) decided to make some peach bellinis.  Oh boy, were those ever good!  They went down so smooth!

Our two little buddies enjoyed them, too.  Zeb enjoyed his so much, he fell in!  That was a little…uhmm…embarrassing.  No more for him.

So the next day, I tried doing an art journal challenge from Irreversibly Moi.  The first one was called Calendar.  You were to do something in your journal to do with a calendar.  They gave some ideas like do a page on your favorite month.  That is what I chose.  So I decided to do my page on September because that is my birthday month, and several crafty things are going on that month.  My friend also informed me that there was a crafty contest on Zentangles/Zendangles that was due in a couple of days.  How awesome is that?  I decided to try for that contest.

It took me the next few days to finish the art journal double page.  I was so proud of it when it was done.  My friend also gave me a few ideas to add to it.  Wow!  I actually got a project done!  I’m sorry I can’t show you the project right now.  It’s kind of a secret.  But I will post it at a later date….I promise.  😉

I then decided, since I’m on a roll, to try one of the projects in an online class I’m taking called “Artful Layouts” on Craftsy.  It is such a fantastic class (so far), I suggest you check it out here!  I wasn’t able to finish that layout yet, so I will post the finished layout in the next post.

Anyway, it was nice having my “mojo” visit for a few fun days!  But, alas….I think he took off again!  Well, I’m off to do a little mojo-hunting, so…until next time…and thanks for the awesome food my dear friend!

So…has your mojo taken a holiday?  Tell me all about it in the comments!

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